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Löf & Tung is a premium Goodyear Welted shoe manufacturer. 

Patrik Löf – Co-Founder of Löf & Tung
Usually, this is the part where someone will go on in length about how their grandfather's father's father was a shoemaker and they were born into the trade and started making shoes at nine. Or how they were suddenly inspired to start their own brand after eating their grandmother's strawberry pie on a sunny Sunday afternoon. But I'm not here to tell you sagas. 

In 2013 I founded Skoaktiebolaget together with my childhood friend and business partner Daniel Tung. But long before this, we were both dedicated shoe nerds. Since 2013 Skoaktiebolaget has grown from being a tiny brick & mortar store to becoming one of the world's most respected and renowned premium shoe stores. During these years I've visited more shoe factories than I can count. I've had the pleasure to work with some amazing people, undoubtedly some of the most skilled shoemakers and craftsmen in the world. I have watched. I have learned. And I've built up an ever growing desire to carve out my own path instead of following someone else. 

Our mission is simple. Our mission is crystal clear. We will provide you with the best looking high quality shoes we possibly can. It's as simple as that. Just a shoe nerd making shoes for other shoe nerds and anyone else willing to join us. 

Photo Credit : Jamie Ferguson
Photo Credit: Jamie Ferguson 

Special Thanks
There are some people that made Löf & Tung possible. Some have contributed more than others, but everyone deserves praise and acknowledgement. First and foremost the whole Skoaktiebolaget team who continuously supported this project with feedback on style development, last development and providing criticism and praise when each was due. Peter Neumeister for creating the Löf & Tung brand identity and throughout the process stuck to his guns and of course he was right all along. Justin FitzPatrick for being a great mate and a good listener. Paco, Paco, Paco and especially Angel for his patience and hard work. The great people in the finishing department and the rest of the production team. The Styleforum community, Fok and all our friends and loyal clients there. Everyone that has an Instagram account and sharing pictures of our shoes and making more people aware of us. This is crucial for a small retail business like ours. Oskar Lübeck for challenging me regarding the brand name and his offer to help. And last but absolutely not least, a big thank you to all Skoaktiebolaget clients around the world, without their loyalty and continued support this project would not have been possible. 

Details & Legal
Löf & Tung is an EU registered brand under Svenska Skoaktiebolaget, in turn registered under the Swedish Companies Registration Office and the Swedish Tax Agency as a limited company with VAT number SE556860201401. We trade in Euro (€) and all transactions will be in Euro, the currency exchange rate converter are estimates and used for guidance only.

Löf & Tung is available at Löf & Tung's own website  as well as Skoaktiebolaget. Our physical store is located at Nybrogatan 23, 114 39 Stockholm, Sweden.

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