Löf & Tung Last Comparison

We offer the following lasts at Löf & Tung. Our ambition is to offer the S, T and L lasts in different widths in the future. At this moment our only last that comes in different widths is the H last. This last comes in E-fitting (normal fitting) and F-fitting (generous fit).

The general fitting recommendation is to wear your Carmina Rain or Soller size for S, T, H (wide fitting version) and L lasts. Size down half a size from your Edward Green or Gaziano & Girling size. Size down one full size from your US size. Follow this link for a very extensive last comparisons guide put together by the team at Skoaktiebolaget. 

S Last - round classic last

T last - almond shaped last, comes in both as a loafer last and a standard shoe last, the recommendation is to wear the same size for both 

H - chiselled last (comes in standard E-fit and wide F-fit) 

L - soft square last (in development)

M last - sleek elongated last


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